Wish List

  • After Christmas 2019 I felt so burdened by yet another increase in the amount of STUFF I own and have to take care of. This Christmas, like last year, I want to try something different. For Christmas, 2021 I want to ask anyone planning to give me anything simply for WORDS. It can be any small amount of written (or typed, printed, spoken, etc.) words from the heart. I don't mind whether it is texted, emailed, printed or handwritten in a card or letter, or spoken in a voicemail or in person. I ask for it to be something that expresses anything personal that would help me to know you better. (FYI, the next post is actually a continuation of this one.)
  • You could also give me any picture you think I would like that isn't meant to be on display (i.e. small enough to tuck away somewhere), or a small amount of consumables like dark chocolate.
  • (I couldn't fit this entire gift wish into one post, so I divided it into two parts.) A small excerpt from your own journal if you keep one, a short description of what your last year has been like, how you feel about someone you love (maybe me?), etc. I would be especially touched if you would write something about how you feel about God and His love for you. It can be as short as one simple sentence or as long as you would like. Please don't feel you have to spend the whole spending limit (or anything) on me. But if you do feel you need to spend that amount on your gift to me, please give the money to a charity, such as Hope Mission, the Mustard Seed, Samaritan's Purse, Feed the Hungry, etc. <3 Thank you in advance! <3