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Ensign 60th Foot (now the King's Royal Rifle Corps) May 18, 1820; Ensign 2nd Bn Royal Veterans June …

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Ensign 60th Foot (now the King's Royal Rifle Corps) May 18, 1820; Ensign 2nd Bn Royal Veterans June 15, 1820; Retired June 25, 1821; Lieut. 31st Huntingdonshire Aug 25, 1832; Sold Commission December 5, 1833; emigrated to Coldwater, Ontario in 1834.

Has info in the Royal Engineers Journal, Spetember 1933.

Perc Burrows pburrows@idirect.com has a picture of his tombstone in the Collingwood Protestant Cemetery, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.

richmond@netrover.com has Andrew's burial at the Anglican Cemetery in Collingwood, Ontario.


Andrew Montague Isaacson Durnford II was born Mar. 20th, 1797 in Exeter, England. Sometime about 1830 he married Susannah Knott, also shown as Susan Knott. I don't have any date for this event. He eventually had 8 children by Susan. The first two were born in England while A.M.I.Durnford II served there. He was a Lieutenant in the 60th Foot Regiment and also in the 31st Regiment (Source: Royal Engineers Journal, Sept. 1933). It appears that they emigrated to Canada about 1834 or 1835 and eventually settled in the Coldwater area of Ontario. According to information I have Rosa was the 4th child of AMID II and Susan. I don't have a date but it must have been in the mid 1830s. Somewhere about 1850 he "married"? Mary Ann White (my great grandmother) and produced 8 children by her. There is no record of a divorce or marriage in the records that we have been able to find. I do understand that one of the problems with military officers in the British Army was that they were not permitted to divorce at that period in the past. Thus many of the "Durnfords" had 2 or 3 families in various locations. The Grandfather of A.M.I.Durnford II was Andrew Durnford who was commissioned to fortify Bermuda after the American Revolutionary Was. He lived in Bermuda from 1788 until his death in 1798. He left a wife and three children in England and "his good friend, Elizabeth Lucas" and 4 children in Bermuda (there were 2 other births who died in infancy).

The information about Rosa Durnford was supplied by Doug Martin who is descended from her brother, Arthur Montague Isaacson Durnford. Doug Martin was living in Timmins, Ontario the last I heard from him.

Percival Durnford Burrows


Son of Andrew M.I. Durnford and Barbara Shea, he entered the military around 1813/14 and served in the 60th Foot (now the Kings' Royal Rifle Corps) and in the 31st Regiment. He was in South Africa in 1818, Chatham, UK in 1832 at the Royal Engineers HQ, and around 1834 he went to Canada. He served as the Government Agent at Arthur, Ontario from 1840 until 1846 and was responsible or the construction of the Garafraxa Road (now Hwy 6 in Ontario). There is a historical marker north of where he lived in Arthur which mentions his contribution to the road: "One of the province's earliest colonization roads. It ran from Arthur through the Queen's Brush to the mouth of the Sydenham River. The original line was run by Charles Rankin in 1837, but was considerably altered by John McDonald in 1840. In that year construction was commenced and completed in 1848. supervised by Capt. A.M.I. Durnford in the southern section and John Telfer in the northern, free grants of land were made along its route subject to the performance of settlement duties. It opened up Grey County and at its northern terminus the flourishing community of Sydenham (Owen Sound) was established."He married Susan Knott in the 1820's. When they moved to Canada they brought along a maid by the name of Mary Ann White, whom he eventually married in 1850 while still married to Susan Knott and had numerous children by both women. He retired as a Lieutenant.

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Andrew Montague Isaacson Durnford II
March 20, 1797225Exeter, Devon, England17December 16, 188014183Collingwood, Ontario, Canada