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"Lin Schafer married Inis Horn, a neighbor's daughter, and Helen Shafer married Inis' brother John H…

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"Lin Schafer married Inis Horn, a neighbor's daughter, and Helen Shafer married Inis' brother John Horn. The Horn place was a half-mile from Schafers, near a high "look-out" hill." -- Horn, Shafer Family Book, 2004

"On April 22, 1889 [Stephen and Rosetta Horn] were at the "starting line" on the edge of the "Cherokee Strip", new lands being opened for homestead in the new state of Oklahoma (the Cherokee Indian Territory). ... The race lasted many hours and miles and miles before Stephen drove in his stake on a quarter section, between the Cimmaron River and where the city of Enid now stands. ... For the house they dug a hole in the prairie about two feet deep, then covered the floor with stone, and built stone walls five feet high. The roof was of poles and sod, grass side up. The window openings were covered first with flour sacking, and later with glass. John was born in the dug out cellar in 1890 and Inis was born in the sod house in 1899." -- Horn, Shafer Family Book, 2004

"Linley Arnold was born at Tudor in 1925. By 1930, drought, dust storms, grasshoppers and depression were at Tudor and everyone started moving again. Grace and Jesse sold the store to Marion Schafer and moved north with their family, Irene, Oliver, Thelma, Louis and Rosetta and settled in Millet, where Norma was born. Inis and Lin Schafer, and Stephen and Rosetta Horn, moved to Beaver Flats in 1931 and to a quarter section on the Clearwater River near Dovercourt, south of Rocky in 1932. The neighbors organized a "work bee" and built a log house and barn for Inis and Lin in just a few days. Some of the neighbors helping out were, Louis Bertagnolli, Uno Antila, John Rauch, Nick Periche, Louis Fassina Bill Murray, Joe Pilgrabbe and Joe, Tom, Vern, and Alex Bertegnolli." -- Horn, Shafer Family Book, 2004

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Inis Irene Horn
Inez Irene Horn
December 30, 1899122Oklahoma, USA2January 11, 19784478Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada