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"Hat Maker: Amy would buy hat forms to make hats for family and friends.

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"Hat Maker: Amy would buy hat forms to make hats for family and friends. "Seamstress: Amy was a seamstress in England. The checker would put the button hole on the hook on the wall and pull down, if it tore the button hold had to be redone. Amy sewed most of the clothes for her family and herself. They would receive a box of used clothes from the Patterson's, Amy and her children would take the garments apart, and she would cut and sew new clothes for her family. Amy would take flour and sugar sacks apart, these were used for the inside lining of dresses and coats, some of these sacks she used for tea towels as well. "Farmer's wife: When pork was butchered Amy would fill a 5 gallon crock with pork chops, melt the lard and get it good and hot then cover the pork chops with the hot lard. Let it cool, cover the crock and place in the basement. This would keep the meat from spoiling. Amy would can beef, pork and chicken. "Mother: Amy had to deal with one of the most sorrowful decisions a young mother must make. To leave her new baby behind and come to Canada to start a new life with William. She passed on to her girls how to be good cooks and housekeepers. Amy raised five children who grew strong and healthy under her care. "Hobbies: Amy would knit mittens, gloves and socks for her family. Whe embroidered dresser scarves, pillow cases and lunch cloths that were for her home and also to be given as gifts. She made pictures in wool and framed them and gave to her family members. "Midwife: Amy would be called to help women deliver their children. Amy was across the road helping her neighbour Mrs Bertha Hostland give birth to a son, who was later named Lloyd. Amy came home and told Willie that there was a very sensible young girl there named Annie. "Sunday Breakfast: Amy would serve Finn and Haddie cooked in milk, bread and butter. Coffee was served on Sunday mornings only. "Sunday Dinner: Would be a beef or lamb roast, oven roasted potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, gravy and a vegetable. Suet pudding or apple pie for dessert. "After Retiring: In Vancouver BC Amy would visit with many old friends who had also retired there. In Ryley Alberta she had her family close by to visit and look after her. "Churches: In Alberta an Anglican church service was held once a month in the Bathgate school. Amy was one of the Sunday school teachers at Bathgate. She belonged to the United Charch Ladies Aid in Ryley Alberta. In later years Ernest Brown would take his mother Eva, Marge Westmancoat and Amy to the Anglican church service in Tofield Alberta. "Health: Amy had asthma, arthritis and high blood pressure. She had two operations, her gallbladder and appendix were removed before she moved to British Columbia. "In May 1952 Amy was in the hospital in New Westminster British Columbia with heart problems. Marguerite stayed two weeks with her father William during this time. "After Amy came back to Ryley Alberta to live, she developed foot problems in 1955 she was in the Tofield hospital to have her big toe nails removed. Tests at the hospital found that she had became diabetic. She took needles for a short shile, but she was allergic to them, the Doctor then put her on pills which she took till her death. "Buried: Forest Lawn Cemetery Burnaby British Columbia beside her husband William. In a April 5th 1954 letter to Tub, William states, "We have been and bought our two last beds, in the Forest Lawn Cemetery not far from Aberharts." William liked that they would be close to William Aberhart, who was the leader of the Social Credit Party, and Premier of Alberta." -- Pope Family Chronicles

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Amy Madeline Innes
September 10, 1878143Hackney, Middlesex, England6November 24, 19685390British Columbia, Canada