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Appears on Monroe County 1870 Federal Census as Jackson Terrel, living at Wayne County, age 38, refe…

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Appears on Monroe County 1870 Federal Census as Jackson Terrel, living at Wayne County, age 38, reference page 470, family number 110, place of birth Kentucky.

Also appearing, among other family members, Lucinda Terrel, age 9, place of birth Iowa and Sarah Terrel, age 1, place of birth Iowa.


This surname is derived from a French Christian name, and the first of the family was Hugh Tyrel, who acquired lands at Castleknock in Dublin and in Fertullagh in Westmeath in the 1170s and 1180s. Hugh was probably the son of Rocelyn Tyrel of Herefordshire in England.

Tyrrellspass, County Westmeath, takes its name from Captain Richard Tyrrell, one of the Irish commanders in O’Neill’s rebellion of the 1590s, and commemorates a famous victory by Tyrrell against the English there. Today Tyrrell is still very much a Leinster surname, and is especially strong in Kildare and Wicklow.

"Stephan Horn set out from Pennsylvania as a young man, also on a mission, a mission to save the world. He picked a hard road. The railroad went by way of Harrisburg and Columbus Ohio, to St. Louis, Missouri, and "Steel ended near St. Joseph, Missouri. From there a wagon trail led into the Pawnee Indian Territory between the Platte and Arkansas rivers. In the 1880's this area was opened for homesteading, and that's where he settled first. Homesteading in the same area was a hard riding, "hell-raising" Irish family by the name of Terrel, who had traveled west from Wisconsin, by wagon. Stephen managed to "save" one Terrel daughter, a spunky redhead named Rosetta, born in 1866. I don't think he saved any of the Terrel sons." -- Horn, Shafer Family Book, 2004

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Andrew Terrel
Andrew Taryll
Andrew J Terrel
1831191Kentucky, USA
South Carolina, USA