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William DurnfordAge: 50 years15501600

William Durnford
Birth 1550
Alt. Birth about 1565 (Age 15 years)

Birth of a son
John Durnford
November 11, 1590 (Age 40 years)

Birth of a son
John Durnford
1590 (Age 40 years)
Birth of a brotherJohn Durnford
November 11, 1590 (Age 40 years)

Christening of a brotherJohn Durnford
November 11, 1590 (Age 40 years)
Christening of a sisterElizabeth Durnford
November 6, 1595 (Age 45 years)
Death 1600 (Age 50 years)
Alt. Death June 1, 1658 (58 years after death)

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younger brother
5 years
younger sister
Elizabeth Durnford
Christening: November 6, 1595 30North Cadbury, Somerset, England
Burial: May 11, 1624North Cadbury, Somerset, England
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(Research):The Durnfords are an ancient family and there have been many members serving the Monarchs of England over the years. At one time it was said that there had been a member of this family in the Royal Engineers alone for over one hundred years. This was thought to be a record of continued service for one family.

Early family records mention Durnford of Stonehouse (Devon) in the year of "three descents" from the years of Edward III, or in the fourteenth century. The manor of East Stonehouse is said to have been anciently called Heppston and was possessed by the family of Stonehouse. It passed to the Durnfords through marriage and subsequently passed to the Edgecumbe family with the marriage of Stephen Durnford's daughter to an Edgecumbe. It remains in the possession of this family.

Stephen Durnford and his wife Radegurd were living at Stonehouse, Parish of Plymouth, in September of 1414.

Roger de Darnforth, 12th year of the reign of Henry II, held a 5th part of a Knight's fee in Co. Wiltshire, of Patrick, Earl of Wiltshire.

Stephen Durnford was sheriff of Devon in the 6th year of the reign of Henry V.

During the reign of Charles I, the family espoused the cause of the King and were forced to flee, remaining in various parts of England. This branch of the family settled in Hampshire, Wilts, and Oxfordshire for the period of the war.

Near Salisbury there is a town named Great Durnford in which the old Manor House where the family lived still stands.

The Durnford Coat of Arms which was on the family jewelry brought to this country has a "Ram's Head" in silver on a black shield.