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Amy Madeline PopeAge: 84 years19061991

Amy Madeline Pope
Birth May 3, 1906 26 27
Birth of a brotherWilliam James Innes Pope
July 25, 1908 (Age 2 years)
Baptism of a brotherWilliam James Innes Pope
November 1, 1908 (Age 2 years)
Birth of a sisterWinnifred Eva Pope
August 9, 1909 (Age 3 years)
Baptism of a sisterWinnifred Eva Pope
October 31, 1909 (Age 3 years)
44 Broughton Road
April 2, 1911 (Age 4 years)
Birth of a sisterMarguerite Kate Pope
September 2, 1911 (Age 5 years)
Birth of a brotherRobbert Ernest Victor Pope
March 30, 1916 (Age 9 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherJames Innes
May 12, 1916 (Age 10 years)
Burial of a maternal grandfatherJames Innes
May 16, 1916 (Age 10 years)
Birth of a brotherFrancis Gordon Pope
February 14, 1918 (Age 11 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherSusannah Heale
April 16, 1921 (Age 14 years)
Death of a paternal grandfatherGeorge Pope
April 29, 1921 (Age 14 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherKate Coombs
February 6, 1946 (Age 39 years)
Burial of a maternal grandmotherKate Coombs
February 14, 1946 (Age 39 years)
Death of a fatherWilliam Pope
July 17, 1954 (Age 48 years)
Burial of a fatherWilliam Pope
July 22, 1954 (Age 48 years)
Death of a motherAmy Madeline Innes
November 24, 1968 (Age 62 years)
Death of a husbandEdward John Bird
November 28, 1984 (Age 78 years)
Death January 22, 1991 (Age 84 years)

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Marriage: November 28, 1905Islington, London, England
5 months
2 years
younger brother
William James Innes Pope
Birth: July 25, 1908 28 29Como, Quebec, Canada
Death: farm accidentAugust 11, 1997University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1 year
younger sister
2 years
younger sister
Marguerite Kate Pope
Birth: September 2, 1911 31 32Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada
Death: August 24, 2008Ryley, Alberta, Canada
5 years
younger brother
23 months
younger brother
Family with Edward John Bird - View this family
Edward John Bird
Birth: October 15, 1904Clerkenwell, London, England
Death: November 28, 1984Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, England

Shared note

William's obituary reads "Mrs. E. Bird, Herts, Eng."

"Amy Pope married Edwin Bird. They live in England and have two children, Kathleen and Mickie. Mickie is married and has two children." -- The Beaver Tales History of Ryley and District, 1980ish

"The daughter who was left in England. In 1906 when William and Amy came to Canada they left their six month old baby daughter Amy, with Amy's parents James and Kate Innes. William and Amy were told that you couldn't take a small baby out with the Indians. It was decided that James and Kate Innes would follow later and bring their granddaughter Amy with them to Canada. "In 1911 when living in Quebec, Amy got so sick that she wasn't expected to live. Mr. Patterson sent money so her parents could come to see her. As they didn't think their daughter Amy would live, her parents left their granddaughter Amy with aunt Florence in England. "In 1912 William tried to bring his daughter Amy to Canada, due to all the red tape she couldn't come. "While Amy was in school she worked in the offices of Roneo, an equipment manufacturers in Kingsway, London and at a perfume and toiletries company also in London where the Boss called her "Miss Poppa" as he was German and that was how he pronounced "Pope". "Amy met Ted and got married, had a family. Amy's life was in England. "Amy met Ted through their church, St. Judes' Church Mildmay Park London. Ted was in the choir and Boy Scouts, while Amy was in the Girl Guides. Ted thought that Amy looked very impressive in her Guide uniform because she had an armful of proficiency badges. May 3 1927 on Amy's 21st birthday Ted gave her a diamond and sapphire ring. After Amy and Ted were married they lived in an apartment at Stoke Newington London N16 and Aunt Florence lived with them. In May 1939 the family moved to Chorleywood in Hertfordshire, Kathleen now lives there. "Amy and Ted were fond of going to the theater and liked musicals. Before the second world war, one could pay a small amount of money to hire a stool which was put in a queue outside the theater. You then went to work and in the evening went back to the theatre and took up your position in the queue with your stool. This way you could get the cheaper seats. "Amy liked playing tennis, and would play a few games before she went to work. In school Amy played hockey and cricket, she had a scar on the left side of her face from a cricket ball accident, which abscessed. Amy loved to dance, in the 1920's one of the scouts for C B Cochran Musical, saw her dance in a local show and asked Aunt Flo whether Amy would train as a Cochran Young Lady. In those days the theatre was not supposed to be the right career for a 'nice young lady' so Amy didn't go. "In 1939 Amy, Ted and family moved to Chorleywood from London. "Amy worked at the headquarters of the Post Office in Mount Pleasant in London, until the V2 rockets started. Ted didn't want her going to London, after the rockets started as there was very little time for an air raid warning. Amy found work at the Ministry of Food in the next town of Richmansworth, issuing new ration books and things. After the war Amy joined the Women's Institute (W.I.), and was the president for at least seven years. May 31 1965 Amy went to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace at the invitation of the Queen to mark the Silver Jubilee of the National Federation of Women's Institutes. She bought a lovely new outfit and had a great time at the garden party. Amy gave a talk to her W.I. Members about her time at the garden party. Amy got a great deal of pleasure from her Presidency and also a great many friends from amongst the Institute members. "For two and a half months, Amy staed with her daughter Kathleen in Australia, but said that she could never live there. She liked the wild life but not the heat. She used to sit on the bed in just her petticoat with the air conditioner turned up full on cold. "In 1966 Amy, Ted and Kathleen came to Canada to visit with family, as Ted and Kathleen had to go back to work they returned to England first, Amy stayed and flew home later. "While Amy and Ted were visiting the family in Ryley, Ted thought that the expression 'holy cow' was funny and would laugh every time he heard it. Neither Ted nor Amy could get over eating bar-be-cued pigs tails at a party in Helen and Robert's garden in Fergus Ontario. "In 1988 Amy went aerobatic for the second time and acquired a second replacement hip joint, Michael moved home to care for her." -- Pope Family Chronicles, 2007