Henry Coombs + Mary Ann Moody

Henry Coombs ‎(I572)‎
Birth about 1820 24 27 Frome, Somerset, England
Death 27 April 1871 ‎(Age 51)‎ Pinner, Middlesex, England
James Coombs ‎(I626)‎
Birth about 1796 Freshford, Somerset, England
Death 25 June 1879 ‎(Age 83)‎ Freshford, Somerset, England
Mary ‎(unknown)‎ ‎(I727)‎
Birth about 1793 Tisbury, Wiltshire, England
Death June 1874 ‎(Age 81)‎ Somerset, England

Mary Ann Moody ‎(I574)‎
Birth about 1816 Newnham, Hampshire, England

Francis Coombs ‎(I690)‎
Birth 25 April 1841 21 25 Freshford, Somerset, England
Kate Coombs ‎(I12)‎
Birth 15 October 1855 35 39 Pinner, Middlesex, England
Death 6 February 1946 ‎(Age 90)‎ London, England

Family Group Information   (F199)
Marriage 4 January 1841 Walcot, Bath, Somerset, England

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Citation Details:  Henry Coombs and Mary Ann Moody, No. 190
  Text: When: 4 of January 1841
Name: Henry Coombs; Mary Ann Moody
Age: of full age; of full age
Condition: Bachelor; Spinster
Profession: Clothier
Residence: Halfmoon Street; Halfmoon Street
Father's Name: James Coombs; Thomas Moody
Father's Profession: Gardener; Wheel Wright